Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Character Interview + Contest: Cas Lowood from Anna Dressed in Blood

It's release day of one of my favorite books this year, Kendare Blake's Anna Dressed in Blood! To celebrate, not only has Kendare brought you guys a prize pack of Anna awesomeness, but she's also let me steal Cas, the ghost butt kicking hottie star of this book. No, really. He's officially in the Boy Closet and she doesn't mind. Also, she let me interview him. So if you want to know where he'd take Anna on a date, how he'd want her to kill him (did I really just put those questions in an interview? Why yes, yes I did...) and more, check it out now!

Before Anna, what ghost stood out the most memorably to you that you’ve killed?

Probably Peter Carver. Because he was my first. He had murdered his wife. Almost got the better of me. But I was only fourteen.

If you could take Anna on a date, where would you go?

Anna? On a date? Uh…I don’t know. Dinner is sort of out, since she doesn’t eat. I never really thought of this, I guess. There were always other things…I don’t know if it would even make sense…but…she loved photography. We could go to an exhibition or something. She could tell me about it, show me what made it art.

What is the hardest part about moving around so much?

Packing. Trying to remember where the bathroom is in the middle of the night.

If Anna were to kill you, how would you want it done?

Ha. If Anna were to kill me. These are some damn funny questions, Kari. You do know that I’m fairly hard to kill.

But okay. If Anna were to kill me, and I just had to let it happen…I guess she could do it just about whatever way she wanted. Except with a gun. That’s…stupid.

What’s your favorite thing about Anna?

Favorite thing? I don’t know. I mean, I guess it’s everything. Sometimes I’d look at her and it’d be like I could see right through. And then she’d open her mouth, and I could hear it. I could hear that she’d never break. I admired Anna. Maybe that’s my favorite thing.

And she’s not hard to look at either. You know what I’m saying?

What kind of cookie would you describe yourself as?

Cookie? That’s sort of weird. Like am I chunky chocolate chip or oatmeal? That’s a seriously weird question, um…I don’t know. I guess I’d be anise crescents. That’d make my mom happy.

So, is that it? Because I should get going. And uh, are you hearing those noises coming out of that closet over there? What is that? 

Thank you, Cas, for answering my questions even if you found them weird. And for the record, Anna came pretty darn close to killing you but since she didn't, well... you're here today. And in my Closet.

Congrats, Kendare, on the fantastic release!

Make sure you guys all run out and pick up Anna Dressed in Blood today. You do not want to miss this one, and I hear the lettering is red. Go!

But, for those of you who have that weird thing called patience and are crazy enough not to run out today and buy the book, here's your chance to win it, along with some bookmarks and a bumper sticker. Yes, I said bumper sticker. You know you want this.

To enter, just fill out THIS form!

Contest is US/Can only and ends September 6.

While no entries will be accepted in the comments, you should leave one anyway. Because admit it, Cas is awesome. And it's Kendare's book birthday.


  1. I love this author she is super nice, I really am going to have to break down and read this!

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    George Ferris

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