Saturday, December 19, 2009

Contests Around The Blog World

Alright guys, I have been saving up my contest links again to just do one big post rather than a bunch of little ones. One, I obviously want the extra entries but two, I love contests because they are a great way to see new blogs that you might otherwise not discover. How many of us link to other blogs for reasons that aren't for a contest? Not many apart from memes. So, here are some contests I have found in my wanderings this week, most of which I have entered- some I didn't but thought I would still tell you guys about it. This list will again be updated as the weekend goes so check back often- it is easier for me to do a few and get it posted so I can enter the contests and then come back and add more to this, enter, repeat. =) Otherwise, I get too many tabs open and get confused, I admit it.

This week, I am going to start with the 12 Blogs of Christmas. All these contests are going to run through December 31 no matter what order they came in. These are all great contests and I have respect for each blogger who is taking part on this.

Day 1: The Never Ending Bookshelf, with a total of 9 winners for various gifts and swag.
Day 2: Literary Escapism is giving away 6 paranormal romance type books to 1 winner.
Day 3: The Library Lounge Lizard with a total of 3 winners that each get 4 books off her list.
Day 4: Bites is giving away the first 3 books in Mari Mancusi's Blood Coven series.
Day 5: Ellz Reads who will have a total of 5 winners, each with a different prize pack option- one of which IS international.
Day 6: The Book Rat will have 5 winners who get to pick 1 book out of her list of 50- yes FIFTY- books and since they will all be sent out new, there is no worry of another winner picking the book you wanted.
Day 7: Luxury Reading is offering up an invisible bookshelf along with 4 books and 1 audiobook to 1 winner.
Day 8: Princess Bookie is going all out once again (anyone else notice how she does this a lot? She is pretty much awesome in my book for it, every time, whether I enter or not). She is giving away 2 prize packs to 1 winner and a mystery ARC to another.
Day 9: Shooting Stars Mag is giving away a $10 Borders gift card to one lucky winner- what a perfect gift for everyone to choose their own book!

Princess Bookie also has another Pre-Kick Off Contest going on that is going to also run through December 31 with one winner getting 1 out of 3 books- they choose a number and whichever book has that matching post it on the back of it will be their winner. The choices are 3 ARCS- all great ones.

The Bloody Bookaholic is having a huge Holiday Blowout over on her blog with 3 winners along with some other possible smaller gifts for other participants. Titles up for grabs include ARCS of 2010 release The Mark, Eyes Like Stars, Hush Hush, Ash, The Demon's Lexicon and Betraying Season along with Candle Man book 1, Deadtown, Lenore Noogies, The Nanny Returns, The Ever After (by Dan Elconsin, to clear that up), and Secret Society. This one ends Dec 25. Enter here.

Bookworming in the 21st Century is holding 25 separate contests in honor of her 25th Birthday. Head over to her site and start entering the ones that look good to you. Today's book is Firespell- which I definitely want. Other titles include Espressologist, Dark Divine, Beautiful Creatures and more.

Sophistikatied Reviews is having a 200 followers contest and giving away signed ARCs of The Dark Divine and Brightly Woven, ending Jan 11.

Sharon Loves Books and Cats is having a giveaway to help promote one of her local bookstores called Strand. Winner gets 2 books of their choice from the store and some swag. This ends Jan 2.

Books at Midnight
is also having a 200 followers contest (Congrats Jenn!) with a total of 4 winners. This one is going to end Jan 15.


  1. Ohh, I'll be checking back for more! Thanks. :)

  2. Thanks for including my giveaway and for the rest of the roundup. :)