Tuesday, December 1, 2009

November Books List

I saw this over on The Book Scout and decided I kind of like this idea and am going to copy it from her and though I am sure many of you do it, since she is where I saw it first and thought of doing it myself, she gets credit. =)

Here is the list of the books I read in November, linked to their corresponding reviews.

1. The Monstrumologist: Rick Yancey (5 stars)
2. The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove: Lauren Kate (4 stars)
3. Beautiful Americans: Lucy Silag (4 stars)
4. Fallen: Lauren Kate (5 stars)
5. Hold Still: Nina LaCour (4 stars)
6. Betrayals: Lili St Crow (5 stars)
7. Shadowland: Alyson Noel (3 stars)

And clearly, I need to start reading faster. That is really rather slow.... what a great way to motivate myself haha. How many books did everyone else get through in November?


  1. Ooh you read some good books. I also read Shadowland and I agree with you on the three stars. Ooh and I really liked Hold Still.

    And to answer your question I read 14 books last month. Hoping to read more this month. =]

  2. Thanks for linking me! I'm reading The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove right now and I loved Hold Still. I really want to read all the others(:

    7 is a great amount! I read 13 and am really happy. Maybe this month you'll read even more!


  3. Haha yeah I am hoping. Granted, I don't get like a ton of time off for the holidays, just a few days... in which I will be traveling but I just need to read more at home =) I always think I read so much till I did this list and was like, huh...

  4. Great list of books you have read. Have fun reading in December. And I have to say that 7 books are allot! :)

  5. You read some great books!
    That's how I feel any time I read anyone's reading list for the month - like I read way too slowly.

  6. You read some great books :) I only got through six in November. I like this idea, I might grab it from you for next month.