Thursday, December 3, 2009

Gifted- Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Marilyn Kaye

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Shy, dreamy Emily Sanders is able to foresee future events with the gift of premonitions, but they aren't always quite right. With frustration, Emily can not yet manage to control her visions, and the other students usually don't take her seriously. As Emily works on controlling her gift and her premonitions become clearer, her classmates find themselves in a situation where they are forced to listen to her, but will it be too late?

OPINION: 4 Stars

Considering this is a middle grade novel (Grades 5-9), I actually really liked this book. In fact, I think even older elementary kids would enjoy it. I have read the first 2 and liked them both. They are very quick, very easy reads but do keep me entertained. You certainly need to read the first two books to really get this one but it is written in a way that you could get by without it.

The plot of this one was interesting- the gifted students are being taken, one by one, and no one knows why. Kaye plays several different theories into the story- many of them plausible and made me think and consider them before finally revealing which on was correct. One thing I do like about this series is that each book so far focuses for the most part on one of the nine students but all the students are involved- you learn about each one despite the shifting focus.

The writing is very simple and straightforward- there are few big vocab words but it still flows nicely. The characters are interesting and are actually developed pretty deeply within each of their own stories/focus. Most of the powers are common- seeing the future, reading minds- but not all are easily and quickly manifested. One character can have super strength, but only when he is bullied and on the verge of a breakdown- otherwise, he is scrawny and weak. One girl who felt basically invisible to the world became invisible but some of them are more original, such as being sucked into someone's body but still fully aware of who YOU are all because you felt really sorry for the person.

Overall, I do like this series. It is quick and fun with a pretty interesting plot. Yes, it's easy and straightforward- but its geared toward middle school more than high school/young adult and with that in mind, I give this book 4 stars for a great take on a somewhat common idea, well developed characters, and a smooth plot. I also like the covers- each person who the book focuses on appears on the cover, and they are shiny. I know how that sounds, but admit it- we all like shiny things.

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  1. Great review. I agree with you're assessment that it's more middle grade than YA. I think that's why I didn't get into it as much as I had hoped - I was expecting more YA. But it definitely has a lot to offer for paranormal fans! Thanks!