Sunday, December 20, 2009

In My Mailbox (8)

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Smaller reading pile for this week and some of my books have been conquered by Toby. I love the picture above- he actually sat there with his feet on the books for me but yes, food may have been involved this time.... I am shameless, I know.
For Review as part of Lisa Schroeder's ARC tour: Chasing Brooklyn

Bought from Half Price Books:
How It Ends: Laura Wiess (one of my new favorite authors- LOVE her writing style)
The Sorceress- The Secrets of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel 3: Michael Scott

From the library:
What The Dickens: Gregory Magquire
Breath, A Ghost Story: Cliff McNish

When asked what I should read for next, Toby picked Breathe... but I ignored him for How It Ends, at least this time. That, or this gives a whole new meaning to 'the book was so good I just wanted to eat it up' because yes, he started licking Breathe. Sometimes I wonder about him....
So that was my week- what did everyone else get this week?


  1. Your post is way cute with Toby, shame on you for not listening, lol

  2. So jealous of Chasing Brooklyn! And as always- Toby is adorable. I always tease my dog with food when I want him to take a picture so you're not alone, haha. Happy reading!

  3. You have so many awesome books to read. And an adorable dog! Have fun reading! Enjoy your winter break!

  4. I love your dog, so adorable! How It Ends = amazing, I hope you enjoy it. Also, I'm really eager to read your review for Chasing Brooklyn. :D

  5. Michelle--

    Yes, I think he's adorable too and I am about half way done with How It Ends and am completely loving it. Laura's writing is phenomenal.

    And my review for Chasing Brooklyn is already up here:

  6. You got a great group of books this week. Do you often let your dog choose which to read next? How does he do? Enjoy the books!

  7. No, I normally don't ask his opinion... he would either just look at me like I'm crazy or go run off and do something else. That, or he would do what he did this time and pick the one that apparently smelled/tasted best- not strong book choosing criteria.

  8. Awwww! Your dog is TOO cute. I love the title of your blog, too. Happy reading!

    Here's mine

  9. Awesome books, especially Chasing Brooklyn! Toby is adorable, and happy reading. :)

  10. Breathe is a really good one. I love your doggie!

    Here's what I got this week!

    Happy Holidays!