Friday, December 11, 2009

Things That Fly Giveaway: Captivate and Fallen

In light of the holidays and that my blog has hit 200 followers in just the 3 months I have been blogging, I am going to be holding a double contest to give away my ARCs of Captivate and Fallen. I loved both books very much but I intend to at some point buy the actual books to add to my personal bookshelf rather than keeping the ARCs for it- I kind of believe more in passing ARCs along rather than hording them, even if it is books I really love. I definitely recommend them both to anyone who likes fantasy- they are well written, well developed, and you can see the thought and effort that went into them. The characters are awesome in both.

There will be 2 winners, one for each book and to help promote the books and build my blog, the contest is going to run for quite awhile- through Sunday, January 24. When you enter, please tell me which book is your top choice and if you want to enter for only one or both. This will effect things when I choose winners at the end.

Unless I change it between now and the end of the contest, winners will be chosen using and my list will be double randomized. Whoever my top 2 names are on the second list will be the winners, unless place 2 only wanted 1of the books and the first winner wanted that one too, in which case I will move to place 3.

Sorry, but this contest is US only- I just cannot afford to ship internationally unless you are willing to cover the extra shipping or have someone in the US willing to accept the book and send it on to you.

To enter, fill out this registration form. Do not enter via comments but feel free to leave comments- but any entries will be deleted from that section for privacy reasons. Please only fill it out once and put all your entries into it at one time.

Entries: If you enter, you get one automatic entry (duh).

Extra Entries:

You don't have to be a follower to enter but it would certainly be nice =)
  • New followers: +2 (and hey, look on the bright side- you will likely get even more entries into future contests)
  • Old followers (thanks guys!!!!): +3

Spread the word- I really am trying to get my blog out there more so this is where you will get the big number of entries:
  • Blog about it- make an actual blog post: +7

  • Sidebar on your blog: +3

  • Tweet about it: +3

  • Add or already have me on your blog roll: +5

  • Referrals: You will receive 5 extra entries for each new follower you bring me- they must sign up to follow me and they must give me your name. The new follower will get one extra entry in thanks.
Comments: I will make random checks throughout the length of this contest and whomever are my top commentators (with actual, relevant comments and not just commenting for the sake of trying to be top) at each check will earn some extra points. This is something I will keep track of myself.

Again, you MUST fill out the registration form rather than entering via the comments and help spread the word! Thanks guys and remember, this one is going to run through January 24 and depending on how it does, I might add in another book or two.


  1. oops! Forgot to leave my twitter link:

    Great contest!

  2. I just picked up Carrie Jones' Need and I love it. This is a great contest!

  3. Love ths contest! Two amazing books.

  4. Captivate is #1 on my wish list!
    Thank you!
    I became a follower +2

  5. Great contest! Old Follower +3 (or at least was already a follower when I found this. I hadn't actually noticed it until I went on The Story Siren's page. So extra entry for her if she enters.
    Love your blog!


  6. Aloha there... I just entered the contest!!
    I am very eager to read both of these books!!=)

  7. Great contest. I want to read Fallen so bad!

  8. Would love to read Fallen

  9. Congrats & thanks for spreading the love with your ARC's!


  10. Thanks for the great giveaway. I went to Barnes and Nobles after work today and I almost walked out with a copy of Captive. I would love to win this book.

    2+ Now following your blog.
    3+ RT Contest on Twitter (@BookReaderTimes)



  11. I just found you blog and became a follower. I would love to win Capative by Carrie Jones. I just bought a copy of Need by her. Hope to get started reading it in the next couple of days.

    Became a follower +2

  12. Thank you for hosting this contest! I enjoyed Need by Carrie Jones & The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove by Lauren Kate, so I look forward to reading both of these books! :)