Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Author Chat!

Tomorrow night, Wed, March 10, CJ Omololu, author of the hoarder hit Dirty Little Secrets, will be on my book forum for a live chat at 8 CST (9 for you east coasters, 6 for those of you Pacific time). As with the other chats, it will last about an hour but come chat with CJ, get to know her, and have a good time!

You'll need to register for the forum if you haven't already but its very fast. Once you're logged in, the chat box is at the bottom of the main forum page and there's a log in button at the top right corner of it. Registering also gives you access to the boards... where you can discuss any book as long as it's hit shelves. And face it, you know you wanna. =)

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