Sunday, November 7, 2010

Character Interview + Contest: Ellie and Will from Angelfire

I've recently had the privilege to do an interview with the main characters in Courtney Allison Moulton's upcoming Angelfire, Ellie and Will. This is a book that I honestly love, and to give others the chance to get to know these characters, there's a contest after the interview for you to win a preorder of Angelfire.

All images and character art are from Courtney's website. Artwork is by Yue Wang.

Kari: So, Ellie, now that your story is starting to get out there to people, what do you want to tell them?

Ellie: That I'm not crazy and the reapers aren't just in my head. Really, I'm really sure. I had my doubts for a while...

Will: No one thinks you're crazy.

Ellie: Well, you don't realize a lot of people think you're crazy, so you can't really say anything. Hell, I even thought you were crazy.

Kari: She has a point, Will. And is there anything you want to tell people? That isn't mushy and sappy romantic?

Will: Mushy.. and sappy? *blinks* I don't...

Ellie: Oh, jeez. You are a giant mush ball and don't pretend like you have no idea what she's talking about. You usually don't say more than a handful of words at a time, but once you get going, the mush comes right out of you. And I really don't care if I embarrass you, so stop giving me that look.

Will: I... *glowers* I don't know why we're doing this interview. This is a waste of time. We should be out patrolling.

Ellie: Isn't his glare cute, Kari? He tries to be all menacing and it just.. no. Not happening.

Kari: *Looks at Will* You're doing this interview so people can realize you aren't a complete martian. Only, you know... 60%. *Looks back at Ellie and shrugs* I guess he's a little cute. Definitely not menacing though. That went out the window with the root beer float kisses. *smirks at Will* What other mushy secrets are you harboring in that head of yours, now that the world has seen the other side of your creeper exterior.

Will: *goes just a little red and turns to Ellie* Can the root beer float jokes stop, please? If I'd known you were going to tease me about them, I never would have you told they're my favorite.

Ellie: It's absolutely ridiculous that you expect me not to make fun of you for telling me that root beer floats are your favorite food. You are a six-hundred-year-old reaper-fighting tattooed badass with a six-foot-long sword and a sweet tooth. *sings* One of these things is not like the other...

Will: What if I tell Kari about your Sailor Moon movies?

Ellie: You wouldn't dare.

Kari: *Cocks an eyebrow* I think he just did. But it's still not nearly as incriminating as the root beer floats. Besides, Will, tons of girls are already clamoring for your affection. The floats just make them swoon harder. You're like a black hole of hot boy. One introduction, and the girls are toast. Anyway, Ellie, are you glad you listened to Will, even if he was creepy and scary, now that you know what you do?

Ellie: Yeah, I am. You really scared me, you know that, Will?

Will: I didn't mean to.

Ellie: I know. You're a little more than socially awkward, and we're working on that. But before I remembered who I was, everything you knew and said was so hard to take in. It was terrifying.

Will: I was afraid for you, because you couldn't remember and that had never happened before. You always remember me, and that hurt, I guess, when you didn't.

Kari: That's sweet and all... but can we get back on track with the interview? *rolls eyes and grumbles under breath* I don't need your mushy, lovey dovey stare longingly into each other's eyes thing going on right now. This is going on my blog, remember? So anyway. I do have to ask, Will, since I know a lot of people are curious. Can you tell me a little more about this Cadan character? *smirks* He seemed to have made quite the impression on Ellie, with what little bit of him we've seen.

Will: *shifts uncomfortably and scowls* You should ask a different question.

Ellie: Oh, get over yourself. He's not that bad.

Will: He's a demonic reaper. You don't know him and what he's done to the both of us in the past.

Ellie: He's had several chances to kill me and didn't, so as far as I'm concerned, he could be a potential ally and we need all the allies we can get.

Will: This is a huge mistake. There is no way in hell I would ever trust Cadan for anything.

Ellie: *sighs* I'm sorry, Kari. Boys are ridiculous.

Kari: Boys are ridiculous, but I have to admit, Cadan's pretty hot. *Wiggles eyebrows at Will* But I'll give you the out on this one, and drop the mysterious subject of Cadan, but just know I will get to the bottom of your apparent disgust of him. So Ellie, now that you're getting the hang of this fighting beasties thing, how do you like it? Empowering? Awesome you can kick even Will's butt?

Ellie: I can't really say that I enjoy going out every night and killing soul-stealing monsters that want to make peopleburgers out of me, or skipping homework or Movie Fridays with my best friends, but I have to do this and I know why I have to do this. A lot of people would die and worse if I didn't. But yeah, my swords are pretty sweet and it's definitely awesome being able to kick Will's butt. I know I just teased him about not being menacing, but he's freaking scary when it all goes down. A lot of really nasty things are scared of him - it's the angry face, I think - and he's pretty good with that sword. But I still whomp him every time.

Will: Well, I don't know if I'd describe it quite like that...

Ellie: Every time we spar, I destroy you, so don't even. Still, I'm glad to have you at my side. No one else has my back like you do.

Will: I do my best.

Kari: I think it's the fact he has a penchant for getting impaled and yet survives every time. I'd be freaked out by him too. It's abnormal. But, I suppose we should be wrapping this interview. Will looks pretty uncomfortable, and I think some monsters are in need of a butt kicking. But just one last question, anything we can look forward to in the next book? Hints or teasers? Or maybe some more float kisses? *shoots a pointed, annoyed look at Will and grumbles under breath*

Ellie: *gives a sly smile* Well, I'll admit there are very different kinds of kisses. I think we've both changed and grown up a lot after everything we've been through. After what happened in Angelfire, events occur that the both of us never expected, events that change both of our lives forever. Things get darker, a lot sexier, and the monsters get bigger and scarier. It's quite the rollercoaster ride.

Will: I'm just doing my job. I do what I can to help Ellie and prevent apocalyptic war.

Ellie: And there will be root beer floats.

Thank you, Ellie and Will, for that interesting, um, couples therapy. I mean interview. But, awesome followers, that is just hints of the humor and connections that are in Angelfire, hopefully enough to whet your appetites for this book.

Now for your chance to win a PREORDER of this book (released in February 2011), fill out THIS FORM and tell me what Will's favorite food is!

Comments are VERY appreciated (Show Ellie, Will and Courtney some love!), but no entries will be accepted through comments.

Contest IS international, as long as the Book Depository ships to you. Contest ends Sunday, November 28.


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