Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Sapphire Talisman: Delete Scene (Blog Tour)

For today's stop on Brenda Pandos' The Sapphire Talisman blog tour, Brenda is sharing a fun deleted scene. In her own words: "I was toying with how to show how humans are deceived by the talisman and originally wanted to have Aden try to take the necklace from Julia but it didn't fit in right." I have to agree with Brenda, it makes things fun! Enjoy!!

“Please, retrieve that necklace,” Alora told Aden with a point in my direction.

“What? It’s mine,” I said with a scowl and brought my hands up to my neckline.

I knew she couldn’t remove it personally, but I wasn’t certain if a human was bound by the same laws. I moved backwards away from Aden, only to trip over a sandbag and fall on my butt with a thud. Aden laughed and kept advancing.

“Leave me alone,” I cried and kicked him with my feet. Aden grabbed my ankles and studied my neck with a furrowed brow.

“I don’t see anything, my Queen,” he said slowly.

Alora moved in a flash and grabbed my arms to stop me from trying to hide it from his penetrating gaze. “Right there, Aden.” She pointed at the chain. “See?”

Aden’s eyes darted back and forth. He exuded fearful confusion. “There’s no necklace here.”

For a moment, I hoped somehow the necklace cloaked itself and Aden truly couldn’t see is. Alora huffed and pulled away the corner to my shirt and pointed just above the talisman. Recognition finally flashed in his eyes. He saw the necklace now.

“Stop screwing around and take it off.”

His meat-hook hands pawed at the clasp while I grunted and tried to escape her grasp. Alora firmly kept me in place.

“It’s too small, my Queen.”

“Then break the chain.”

Aden questioned Alora with his glance at first, and then shrugged. Filled with glee, he yanked the delicate chain between his fingertips. I expected the metal to snap instantly but the chain held strong. He tried again with more finesse and a bead sweat formed on his brow as he continually yanked without success.

“My queen...” he whimpered.

I smiled watching Alora’s composure fail, wishing for her to try to hurt me in anger.

“Never mind, Aden.”

She let go of me and paced for a minute. Aden watched her in terror, shifting his body weight from side to side, his gaze on the ground.

“Give me the necklace, Julia,” she said sweetly with her hand outward. “… and I’ll find a place for you to serve me.”

“As if,” I said to taunt her.

Just wait till Nicholas finds me.


  1. Good writing, great characterization.
    Thank you for introducing me to Brenda Pandos & THE SAPPHIRE TALISMAN.
    All the best,

  2. I wonder how sore Julia's neck was after Aden was yanking on the necklace... haha. Love that deleted scene. :D

  3. Thanks for the post and hosting the tour!