Saturday, November 13, 2010

In My Mailbox (And a Rocking Contest Link)

So... I had a pretty good week in books... because, well, I got books which kind of makes it a winner. Plus, there's a pretty awesome contest going on right now, details of which are below. Also, as of Tuesday, NaNo is officially, technically done for me. Hit the sexy 50K Tuesday afternoon. Now I'm at about 59K, and hope to be done with the entire book by next weekend. It's a good feeling, and I hope the rest of you NaNo-ers are kicking butt too.

For Review:
Sean Griswold's Head by Lindsay Levitt
Playing Hurt by Holly Schindler
Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick

Father of Lies by Ann Turner
Leverage by Joshua Cohen
Let's Get Lost by Sarra Manning
Guitar Girl by Sarra Manning

IMM is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren.

And that's what I got this week book wise... but before you run off, you should totally check out Leah Clifford's latest YA Rebels vlog. See, she has this basically amazing contest going on with it where you can not only get a signed ARC of her upcoming (effin awesome) book A Touch Mortal, but you can also pick the name for a character in book 2... AND. Yes, another and. You ALSO will be in the acknowledgments of book 2 to get all the glory for the name.

So how do you enter this amazing contest? Go check out her vlog HERE (which is, in and of itself, hilarious), and it has all the details for you. Basically, though, you spread the word and let Leah know in the comments, and give her the name you suggest. But be sure to check for names already suggested so you don't double up!


  1. I enjoyed Crescendo and hope you do too. Happy reading and have a great rest of the weekend!
    here is mine

  2. Guitar Girl is pretty awesome, and Crescendo is okay-ish, I think it will really take you by surprise (I sure didn't expect half of what happened was going to happen)...

  3. You've got some awesome books there :)
    I'm definitely jealous about Sean Griswold's Head, I can't wait to read that one. I'm excited for your review to see if it's as good as I hope it'll be :D

    Thanks for sharing,
    ♪♫ Ambur

  4. Love that puppy... seriously love that puppy.

    Great haul and please kiss the pups for me.

    Posting mine tomorrow but on a better bit of news...

    Hosting my 1st Aisle B giveaway so come on by and test your karma... you never know ... so COME ON ;)

  5. Fantastic books this week. Father of Lies sounds good. Happy Reading!

  6. Wow, lots of great books! Enjoy. I have to read Hush, Hush soon...

  7. Jealous of your haul as per usual. ;) I'm super excited about Playing Hurt. Enjoy!!

  8. Great books this week! Can't wait for your review on Sean Griswold's Head! I love the cover and description.

    Enjoy! =D

  9. Aww so cute! Umm.. where were the books? All I seen was a cute doggy! Great selection this week! Happy reading!

  10. Great reads! I'm looking forward to Crescendo. And Guitar Girl sounds interesting.
    My IMM

  11. You had a great week! Both in books and the Nanowrite! I want to read Crescendo but I need to get through Hush Hush first LOL. My IMM is here:

  12. You will love Crescendo. I did!!! Here is my IMM:

  13. loved loved LOVED Crescendo!!! It'll have you pulling your hair out a bit but it was a great read!

    Hope you had a great weekend!

    Our IMM <3

  14. Another amazing book week :) Happy reading.
    You can find my mailbox at The Bookish Snob

  15. Eeee, I want Sean Griswold's Head! *pouts* Anyway, awesome books this week! Hope you enjoy them & have a great week!

    Here's what I got in my mailbox this week :)

  16. I'm a new follower! Congrats on your NaNo success thus far! I think Guitar Girl looks good, but my mailbox was a little sad this week lol you can find it here

  17. Playing Hurt looks really good! Def. adding that to my to be read list!

    Here's what's in my mailbox!

  18. Some good looking books there. I got Cresendo this week too. Enjoy the books!