Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Character Interview: Maggie and Kula

Today, I'm sitting down with Maggie and Kula, the stars of Janet Fox's Faithful and Forgiven,to ask a few questions. If you haven't read Faithful, though, no worries! Forgiven is a companion novel rather than a sequel, and with that, let's get to the interview!

Describe your perfect first kiss.

Maggie: My first kiss? That would have been Edward. We were underneath the stairs. I thought he was perfect; I thought my corset strings would break; I thought my heart would explode. It was a full-on embrace, like nothing I’d ever felt. Ah. Yes, that was nice. Not perfect as it turns out, but still nice.

Kula: Will took me by surprise. It was a fast kiss, in his automobile on a soggy day, but he kissed me right on my lips, and he seemed very sure of himself. I put my fingers on my lips and left them there, feeling that kiss for hours after. Wishing for more. Wishing it had been David.

What form would your boggart take, and what would happen after you cast Ridikulus?

Maggie: My boggart – no question. A bear. Huge, toothy, dripping saliva. Roaring so loudly it would drown the running river or the tallest geyser. Wanting to tear me to shreds, hunger in its tiny flat animal eyes. And once I’d cast my spell, it would turn into a sweet loveable beast, like my Ghost. And I’d ride him, and he’d turn his head to me so that I could scratch his ear.

Kula: I don’t have a boggart. Kula Baker has no fears. Well, except the fear of being ridiculous.

No. That’s not true.

I do have a boggart. It comes in the form of a slave-master who would imprison me in a tiny cell for unspeakable purposes. And if I could rid myself of this nightmare it would be by changing him into a bug that I could squash between my finger-tips. 

What god/goddess would be your nemesis?

Maggie: My nemesis would be Hades. I’d fall in love with his fire and brimstone, his earthy ways. I’d spend eternity with him, just to learn the mysteries of the earth.

Kula: Nemesis? Please. Nemesis is a goddess herself, and I’d take her on blindfolded. 

It's just you and a tiger, duking it out in the Roman Coliseum. What's your tactic?

Maggie: I would not like to face a tiger, in or out of a Coliseum. Too much like facing a bear. But my tactic would likely be to try and trick it – find some way to distract it, while I made my way out. Give me a bit of food, an implement, and that’s what I’d do.

Kula: For pity’s sake, a tiger? Is that the best you can do? At least put me in there with two. 

What kind of cookie would you describe yourself as?

Maggie: Chocolate chunk. Chewy, sweet, addictive.

Kula: Hardtack. It endures.

Thank you, Maggie and Kula, for those fantastic answers!

Now make sure you guys all check out Forgiven, out now!

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